Sunday, February 11, 2007

Drawing Marathon

Today I attended the first drawing marathon of the year. It was held in Meritt College in Oakland, and boy what a great way to spend a huge chunk of your Sunday! You're in a room for 6 hours with at least 10 - 15 models doing poses that range from 1 minute to 2 hours. I highly suggest it to anyone in the Bay Area seriously looking for a productive way to spend a Sunday.
I pretty much stayed at the 1 minute pose section with a friend the entire time, so the images above are all a product of really quick gesture sketching.


Rick Capistrano said...

Hey Gino man! you've got a blog up now! that's awesome!!

gio said...

Hey Rick! How goes it cuz?
I see that you also have a blog. Everyone's blogging!

Great stuff on your site dude.

Karla said...

For a sec I thought you were being sarcastic about spending most of a Sunday drawing as being productive. I can't even draw simple images while playing Brain Age. :)

Mind Traveler said...

Gino, what up man! Is the drawing marathon every Sunday? Where is it held?