Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Drawing night at work

One of the biggest perks where I work is that we have free drawing and sculpting sessions every Tuesday and Wed nights. The company provides the space, pays for the model and supplies the food. We truly are a spoiled bunch because of this.
This night's model was great. Makes me wish I made it to the gesture warm-ups since looking at the image above, I clearly needed to loosen up. These were 10 to 20 minute poses.


Steve said...

Long time no speak Gio... It's Steve from the old Jimmy Neutron... DNA days... =]

Great to see all the really cool stuff you're doing on your site, and I can't wait to see what pops up next on the 'ole Blog...

I remember when we would go to eat lunch, and you'd get like 2 desserts, one BEFORE the meal! =]

Take care man, and keep up the great work... Very inspirational...

gio said...

shilbert!!! long time no see man.
its funny that this is the one place we get to touch base again.
what a pleasant surprise dude.

we gotta catch up. whats your email? mine is

hit me up!!